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An Unexpectedly Enjoyable “How To" Video by Nespresso

Updated: Feb 14

Descaling a coffee machine is as exciting as having your teeth scraped. 

And having to follow a manufacturer's instructions is equally stimulating.  But the folks at Nespresso created a series of ‘How to Videos’ that explain each step of the descaling process.  But what caught me off guard when I started watching the video was the sensual undertones.  

Image of Nespressos Descaling kit - Photo taken by Cory Meli at Extensia Studios - Photography and Video Production

I’ve had my Nespresso Vertuo for 2-years, and it has proven its value to our home.  Every morning, I start my day with an espresso shot - the Orafio is my morning wake-up blend. As for my girlfriend, she always brews her Ice Fortte blend into a travel cup as she rushes out for work. Our Vertuo makes approximately 4 coffee beverages a day, so it is well-used.

The next time I went into a Nespresso location to buy new sleeves, I asked about descaling for my machine.  The Rep pulled up a descaling pack and pointed out a QR Code on the packaging.  She explained how this would bring me to the Nespresso YouTube channel and that I would have to select the video that featured my specific Nespresso machine.  Sounds easy enough… and it was.

Image of Nespressos Ice Forte- Photo taken by Cory Meli at Extensia Studios - Photography and Video Production

That Sunday afternoon, my girlfriend and I were in the kitchen putting groceries away when I decided that it would be a great time to clean our Nespresso Vertuo.  I opened the Descaling package, scanned the QR Code, selected the right video, and even connected my Bluetooth speaker before I hit play.

The first thing that grabbed my attention was the music.  It has this smooth Marvin Gaye undertone that carries a sensual tone - it is a cool and chilled song to listen to.

Within seconds, a woman’s voice began to speak. It was deep and calming.  Welcome to the Nespresso Assistance video on descaling your VertuoLine Evoluo machine.”  I could tell by the Talent’s pronunciations of the word ‘Evoluo’ that her character was a mature European woman who was educated and confident. Together, the music and her voice were a perfect blend, resulting in a sensual tone, unlike any how-to video I've ever watched.  

My girlfriend and I had a great chuckle as we paused to listen, trying to figure out what we were watching.  As I was going through the Descaling steps, I found myself being a little more playful with my GF - and she was too. everything we said to each other was spoken with a playful, sensual voice mimicking the video.  Slow and groovy…  Somehow, this video inspired an expected playful atmosphere.  

Image of Nespressos Descaling kit - Photo taken by Cory Meli at Extensia Studios - Photography and Video Production

The Nespresso Descaling video was unlike any other How To Video I've ever watched.  It inspired playful banter between my Girlfriend and me, it brought positive emotions out through smiles in our disbelief, and most importantly, it made a mundane task like ‘descaling a coffee machine’ into an unexpectedly fun afternoon.

So, as we approach Valentine’s Day, if you want something to do that could inspire a little sensual romance into your lives, may suggest that you plan on descaling your Nespresso coffee machine. 

If you want to learn more about our video services or need to produce a how-to video for your product or service, click the button below!

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