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I started my career working in advertising on the agency side.  However I always had a passion for the lens, so I followed my passion and began filming events for agencies and professional services organizations.  


It became evident that most agencies do not have internal photo or video production capabilities, and that they looked to external companies to help them produce the content needed to support their client’s initiatives.


Extensia Studios addresses this very need.  


My area expertise is helping you navigate every step of the production process, so that we can produce content that supports our clients specific initiative, while supporting their branding, in a way that is creative and consumable by the viewer.


We are here to help you.

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Our mission is to be your external photo and video production department. Consider us an extension of your agency, as we will work with your Account Managers and Creative Teams to create compellong content in support of campaign initiatives.


We are here to help you navigate the photography and video production process.  


We help guide you throughout the entire production process: from initial script writing and concept development, to sourcing talent, locations, and the best film crew for the production, to overseeing the post-production process, including animators, motion graphic artists, royalty free music licensing, iStock purchases and editors.


Our expertise in the production will help you produce the content needed for your project.

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