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Producing an event video


There are many reason’s why an event may need to be filmed.

Sometimes footage needs to be captured for later use in a sizzle reel, or for use in the following year’s promotion video. Event videos add value to the event sponsors, as their logos are generally included, their company’s contributions celebrated, and the video offers an added value in terms of an external media exposure.

Many event managers use the video to share the experience to potential sponsors. It is an excellent sales tool, offering a new sponsor a visual expression of the event, and its impact.

It is also a great tool in sharing your event with other company leaders, partners and Senior Stakeholders. Event overviews are always shown at annual meetings and retreats.

And in many instances, hosting an event which brings the client offering together with influencers is Social Media worthy, and is already a component of the Digital Marketing mix.

These sizzle reels can also be used in PR as footage for media broadcasts. Whatever your reason, an event video can have a lot of value.


Each event video is produced to address a specific objective, which directs what the narrative should be. What do we need to say? Based on the creative concept, there may be a need for additional production assets, such as a narration, motion graphics, interviews with organizer or client or key stakeholders.

I always recommend that the creative concept be developed before the date of the actual event, as this dictates what we must capture at the event: Such as specific shots needed (areas of focus), on location interviews and even the overall style that the footage is filmed in.


Based on the creative concept, shot lists are drafted. These become the action items for our team to know exactly what to capture, where and how. For example:

  1. Interview of Stakeholder with Event Stage in background, company logo in frame.

  2. Product shots of all new 2019 offerings at Media Event.

  3. Video clips of attendees participating with interactive games.

I always say…”Shoot with purpose.”

Our team of videographers always film in what I have classified as the 1/3rd principal. What this means is that they capture three perspectives of any event detail:

  1. A Close-up Shot: EG: Event Menu on Table,

  2. A Med Shot: EG: Full table setting with chairs,

  3. A Wide Shot: EG: The table within the entirety of the venue in foreground and background.

This offers the latitude in post to use the right shot in a way that is needed.


Based on our experience producing event videos, and for all their uses, we have created baseline packages to help you with understanding of basic cost - making it easier for you to include the costs of an Event Video into the overall client recommendation and budget

The following link highlights three packages that are great starting points. In many instances, the pre-packages are exactly what is needed.

If you and your client are planning an event, you may want to remind them of the importance of an Event Video, and build its advantages into your plan.

And if you need to discuss additional options, you can call me direct at 416.434 1741, or fire me an email.

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