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Do we need to hire an animator to add Motion Graphic to a video production?

At Extensia Studios, Motion Graphics are a large component to most of our productions and you do not need to hire an additional animator to complete a video production. All of the productions we work on include the design and execution of opening and closing branded graphics, title cards design, and titles with key messaging.

In many instances and based on the creative concepts, the need for Motion Graphics extends well past the basics. We have developed video productions that were based on complete Motion Graphics to tell the story.

Unlike live action videos, most of the production costs go towards the development and execution of the Motion Graphics, vs filming and on-camera talent. Motion Graphic Videos are an excellent way to deliver a message in a captivating and entertaining tone.

We have two very talented Motion Graphic artists within our team. Please look at our Video Gallery for some great examples of Motion Graphics elements we’ve created for video productions.

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