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How much does it cost to have a Social Media, Corporate or Internal Team Building video produced?

This is a frequently asked question that does not have a simple answer. No two video productions are ever the exact same.

There are many considerations that contribute to the overall cost of any production, and would need to be determined prior to offering an estimate. For instance, is there a need for Talent? How much time is required for filming (4hrs, 1 day, or 2 days)? What specific equipment needs are there to film the video shoot? What are the Post-Production needs? Do we have an abundance of Motion Graphics to include? Is there any need for Animation? Does the video need to be executed in both English and French?

In order to accurately estimate the costs of any video production, I would need to have a general idea of what the production criteria are, and what the general creative concept is. This process begins with the drafting of a Creative Brief and open discussion with both I and yourself to determine budget and production expectations. Creative Concepts will be developed to deliver the messaging and fit within a desired budget if needed.

If you have the mandate of including video content to a Digital Marketing campaign or need to have an internal video production produced, please feel free to contact me direct so we can discuss the various options, costs associated with those options and develop a strategy to fit your needs and budget allocation.

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