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A little setting powder goes a long way

For many clients, incurring costs to have a make-up person on set for headshots isn’t preferable. We have great solution for that.

An error I quickly learned from is to never shoot a headshot if the person hasn’t had any setting powder applied on their face. Unless make-up wasn’t applied just before we begin, then there are always portions of the face that can be oily and reflective. And most men are not applying any make-up.

Items I always have on hand during a headshot shoot is DermaBlend Loose Setting Powder and an All Over Powder Brush. I can’t begin to state the major benefits gained by applying this to someone before we start.

For one, we help our clients keep their spend on budget. Without the need to include a make-up person, a client can save upwards of $600, which is a standard day rate. It helps many of our clients focus on what matters most, capturing more personal headshots.

Applying Setting Powder also reduces shine that light sources almost always bring out because of natural facial oils. By applying a gentle brushing of setting powder over the forehead, nose and chin areas, the person’s face is clean from shine, and even toned.

And most importantly, the photos don’t require post time to retouch the images, which saves time for post - for up to eight team members. Moreover, the headshot’s end result looks far more natural because there isn’t major retouching to it.

By doing this, we’re able to offer our clients with cost effective headshot packages, starting at a 2hr coverage. It’s a great package that will cover up to eight team members, cost effective, and most importantly, doesn’t require a make-up artist.

If you really want to know the difference between photos with Setting Powder and without any applied, then ask us to take your first image without any. We’ll add that to the collection of headshots you receive, and I assure you, that you’ll instantly be able to point it out.

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