The value of hiring a professional video company

by Extensia Studios | March 20, 2018

With the growth and accessibility of technology, it has become easier for organizations to try and produce video content on their own.

While I must admit that there are some companies who do a great job in producing their own content, those instances are few and are generally supported by dedicated inhouse video departments within the organization. In most of the instances I have seen, there are obvious issues with self-made videos that ultimately weaken the message, cheapen the overall production value and can ultimately damage the credibility of the organization.

So what value can your company get from outsourcing video production to a professional video production company?

Professional video production companies will execute your production with use of high quality equipment to film. Here are three key equipment considerations and their benefits to you.

1. A proper Camera Kit with specifications to support quality video capturing.

There are many cameras on the market and each offers specific benefits that are needed for specific filming assignments. A professional video production company can make recommendations based on your need to film, and what the end delivery media is.

For instance, one shouldn’t film a conference using a DSLR. There are features needed such as zoom and focus control, which only a Pro Camcorder can offer. Also, be mindful of the use of 4K cameras. Many want footage from a 4K camera without understanding that 4K footage adds to the cost of post production, as 4K footage is a much larger file size, which then needs to be properly graded (colour corrected).

There are other great benefits to 4K cameras and the footage but this should be a conversation with your production company to ensure that the additional cost for post production justifies the end delivery requirements of the video.

Also included in a Camera Kit are the lenses needed to film. Different lenses such as a wide 35mm, a 85mm or even a 70-200mm not only offer variances in framing, but each lens offers a unique benefit to filming based on the need or desired look.

2. Proper sound equipment delivers your message clearly.

I’ve come across videos where the footage was captured on a quality DSLR, but the sound was captured from the onboard camera mic. The result is a tinny/distant sound that also picks up ambient sounds that shouldn’t be in the mix. It instantly cheapens the production.

A professional videographer should supply and use a proper wireless mic set, with the ability to capture sound with an external sound recording device such as a Handy Zoom recorder. Later in post production, the sound will be synced with the video to provide a clean dialogue that delivers the message in a professional and polished tone.


3. Lighting is key to enhancing the capabilities of the camera.

I’ve recently reviewed a video that was filmed using an amazing DSLR, yet was not supported with proper lighting. In comparison I viewed a similar video captured on an iPhone, which was supported with a professional lighting kit. Can you guess which video had a higher quality image and displayed a higher production value?

Lighting is a vital tool in filming. It allows the viewer to see the subject, it balances light on ones face, and ensures that the camera is not forced to raise the ISO to a level that creates a grainy image.

A professional videographer will have basic lighting on any shoot, possess the expertise to use it, and ensure the video is captured at the highest quality possible.

In addition to the equipment needs of any production, a professional videographer will add additional value to your production based on their talent and expertise in their field.

1. Attention to framing and overall composition.

A skilled videographer will have an eye for framing resulting in a great composition of the shot.

Framing is knowing when to use a wide shot, medium shot or even a close up shot. Generally understanding the importance of the message and what needs more focus is what dictates framing.

Composition is the ability to create a perfect scene for the shot, including detail to the background and framing. A professional videographer will not film with distractions in the background that can take away from the subject. Lighting is used in composition to ensure that the subject is the primary focus and everything else in the background is in frame (or excluded from the shot) with a reason.

2. A talented editor builds and tells your story.
Would you trust an architect to physically build your home? Although the architect knows how to design a home and adhere to structure codes, their ability falls shots as it pertains to physically cutting lumber and assembling the pieces to build a quality structure.

An editor is the craftsman who assembles the assets of a production into a coherent story. A professional video company will employ a talented editor who will be able to tell your story in a manner that is fluid, engaging and effective.

These are just some basic examples of how a professional video production company can add value to your video production.


Whether shooting a <insert type of videos here>, we can help. If you have any questions or need for support for your next video project, feel free to give me a call and I will be happy to answer any questions and provide you with support as needed.


As a professional video company in the GTA, we ultimately share the common goal – to present our companies/clients in the best light possible and to deliver a communications message clearly.

Cory Meli
Producer / Creative Director
Extensia Photo & Video