Do we really to need purchase Royalty Free Music for our video?

by Extensia Studios | June 5, 2018

This answer depends on the use of the video. In some instances such as an internal team building video or a conference launch video, the use of a commercial song to promote a tone or message can be used – pending that the video will not shown outside of the office or event. However, if we are working on a video in support of a Social Media campaign or Event Overview video, then Royalty Free Music is needed.


Do note that it is against copyright laws to use an commercial song without a payment agreement to the artist and music studio. Also, YouTube will not accept a video with commercial music in support of this law.


Selecting a Royalty Free Music Track for certain video productions can be cost effective. There are an abundance of musical options and genres to pick from. And most importantly, it helps your video production be yours, and be shared and viewed without legal action. 


We will always present music options for consideration that fit the tone of your video production and your brand. And upon approval, we will purchase the song and edit to the rhythm and beat of the track.

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